Thursday, 17 March 2011

Why I feel like this???

THE THINGS that baba said to me this afternoon..disturbing me.... 
why i feel like this....
wht should i do now??? where all my strenght n all my spirits go??

why i feel so weak n small now.... *sighed*

baba : kak, nk tau x knp result lmbt kuar this year?
            compare to last few years before, this year yg plg lmbt..
            i heard a few  rumors frm myfriends today that 
            "result this year terlalu terok.. sgt terok"
            therefore the ministry of education rombak blk gred.... 
            sbb tu lmbt kuar thn ni..

so how about my result... is it o.k????( rse nk nanges rsenye....( hukhukhuk)
ARHHH my feeling uneasy now... please,... tell me why i become like this??

please... give back my strenght to face the reality.. to face my result next week...
ya allah.. ko murahkan lah rezeki kpd kami ya allah.. murahkan la rezeki kejayaan kpd kami...ya allah.. amin..


  1. aminn~~~
    chill out la..
    teguhkan ati... amik result tu!!!
    ape yg tercatat... itulah usaha kita!!!
    aja aja hwaiting!!!

  2. weh..serius ke??ni yg ak cuak ni.btoll ke trok sgt??